Revisited: Anonymous, Sinfonia for mandolin (or oboe or flute?), violins and bass

Several years ago, I published about the discovery of an anonymous mandolin concerto in a library in Stockholm. Though I decided to revisit this piece, alas, it’s not because new material came to light (the provenance is still elusive). Even after 7 years, neither I nor any of my partners in crime of mandolin research were able to find out more. Anyone who would have some idea, please let me know, as it would be rather interesting to find out more.

However, I’m glad I finally found time to publish editions of the music. Back in 2012 when I first researched the manuscript, it seemed I was the first mandolin scholar to take a look. Even today, I haven’t seen other scholars or even musicians taking an interest. So I think it’s about time to bring this piece in the open. The urtext remains true to the original manuscript as much as possible, though I made some additions (corrections, missing accidentals, missing dynamics when compared to same phrase etc). The modern edition has a slightly more easy layout to read for modern musicians and includes parts as well as a score.

Enjoy! As ever, I share this for free. If you like my work, you can support me by making a donation.

In case you’re wondering about the music, you can get a good idea via the Youtube links below. I played the music with some mandolin and guitar students of the Antwerp conservatory and my usual guitar partner-in-crime Johan Dias. Obviously we played on mandolins and guitars (hence slightly adapted) and without realizing the full continuo (guitar just plays the basso). Though adapted and not perfectly executed it’s certainly a good impression of the musical possibilities of my find. (Thanks again Johan Corrales, Gerda Abts, Marte De Leeuw, Saar Wijns, Johan Dias and Sam Vertommen for taking some time to try out my discovery. Also thanks to Johan Framhout for recording and posting on Youtube.)