Follow-up: Variations by Gabriele Leone

Apparently my blog about the variations by Gabriele Leone seems to have triggered some readers to request the items from the library. Normally, that’s not a big problem, but of course it can flood the library staff and we’re dealing with a fragile item as well. To offload their staff and preserve the volume’s integrity the library has requested me to share the scanned images from the volume I received so far.

Down below you can find a download link to get the scans as one PDF. Please note though that this consists of pages of the different items in the volume:

  • Title and dedication page of Leone’s Method
  • Title and first page of first sonata of the Leone Sonata set
  • Title and dedication page of the volume containing the Barbella violin sonatas edited by Leone and the variation sequence
  • First sonata by Barbella edited by Leone
  • Full variation sequence by Leone
UCSB Cage MT608.L4.M4.pdf 24 MB

My special thanks to the library staff at the Music Library of the University of California, Santa Barbara, for giving me the opportunity to share.

Please note that I’ve undertaken efforts to consult the remaining Barbella sonatas. As soon as I get my hands on the full set, I will of course publish about them on this blog.